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The Internet was running dangerously low on blogs so I had to create one of my own.  Visit often and add your comments or just read along. 

Eternity Matters - Commentary and information on Christianity, the Bible, politics, family and miscellaneous stuff.

If you aren't in the habit of regular Bible reading, give it a try.  Worst case scenario: You spend a little time reading the most popular book of all time.  Best case scenario: It changes your life.  Forever.  


Kenya 2010

Nutcracker 2009

Cinderella 2009


Theology Central

A collection of Sunday school lessons, presentations, notes and more.  Feel free to use or adapt any of these. 

Evangelism and world religions (to download: right click and select "Save target as")

The Bible Evangelism Heaven Doctrine counts
Jesus is the way.  Really. Now with sermon files Favorite web sites, books, etc. Intelligent Design Prayer Requests
     Christian FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) The 6 F's - keeping your priorities in order Staying Christian in College Kenya 2005 PowerPoint slides
Pro-Life reasoning Pro-Family The DaVinci Code Link to That's My King! video
Laity Sunday Sermon audio (Romans 12) Bible overview - Word document New -- Bible overview - PowerPoint slides  

Old stuff

New York 05        LUMC Fall Festival 05             Crystal River 06            Kenya Mission Trip 05


Nutcracker 06     LUMC Fall Festival 06            Ohio Christmas 06        Nutcracker 07


  Penguins 07                    The Dogs                               Boston 07                    Christmas 07 


                 Kenya 07                 Spring Ballet 08               Nutcracker 2008                  Christmas 2008


      Honduras 08

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